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while they had a great showing, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to set a new mark. james is going to take another stab at the record next year and hopefully it will happen. from all of us here in new york from the staff of huckabee, good night. see you next week, everybody. god bless. hello, america. welcome to the glen beck program. tonight we are going to focus on one of these things all] week. webama, the left, internationalists, graph, acorn. revolutionaries. tonight, hidden agendas and tomorrow the army that willtonh enforce it. tonight, if you care anythingce about free speech you are goin, to see it crushed in front oft your eyes.fron rushh limb brau will be joining me in -- limbaugh will be a f joining me in just a few e minutes. if things don't make sense, wee will make sense of it beginning begi again tonight.. come come on, follow me.
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hello, america. o, we are halfway through the weeh and here are the things that ww learned so far if you are joining us for the first timeog tonight. all, first of all, congress is beyond not reading the bills. they are not even writing the a bills. they are being written by a vast network that is out in the wide open yet the media refuses to report on them. organizations filled with socialists, communists, revolutionaries and pull the l members from legitimate businesses but also from groupm that most americans have nevera heard of like movement for a democratic society.democratic a group started by members of the communist party usa.d by that sounds like it is from tha 1950s but it is not. 2006 this was founded. other radicals and the socialists of americaother rads
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organization are all involved.i i have demonstrated these radicals are not only n instrumental in shaping i legislation being jammeds through at light speed but thel are also by invitation personally advising the p president of the united states and again the media remains sile silent. these are the facts notas opinions. i want to play out the silen o here. tha only one group has challenged me on anything. that is the white house. and they haven't challenged met on the facts, except during the broadcast they have e-mailed h several times and said stop and calling ben jones a czar. they say he is a special advisor.cial that is the fact. nobody is has challenged any of the facts but they have e personally attacked me and this show relentlessly. why is that? one would think if all of these
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things weren't true peoplee would worry about, you know, things like this. let me show you.thet this is just a couple of thea things. ben jones, member of storm, aes radical communists. he was arrested.nist, he is advising the president w. now. stimulus mon stimulus money written beyy thr apollo aliance. the former founder of thetner weather underground, bill ayerl partner, the guy who wasoard blowing up the pentagon, is on the board, in fact the chair od the apollo alliance and helping spend the money in the. stimulus. peter, storm, followedwron teachings of mow and advising obama.unfued unfunded liabilities now $100 trillion. congress is not reading the bill because congress trusts the special interests. there are -- there areite hous anticapitalists advising theend
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president and holdren believes that the constitution and declaration of independencendee don't give you any right to sao i want to have more children il the government says you can only have two. two. before i wedge on the air therw was yet another fact challenged here. 24th one. n a peter orzog. he is not a czar. they wanted me to point out he has been approved by the goenate. that's it?rica good god ail mighty, america, maybe you should startmaglen considering gee, what does thid mean because maybe glenn beck is right.fram the frameew work is fundamentay transforming america to quotepy obama. with you i hope you get thethis impression here that this is much bigger than barack obama. a powerful special interest ob. group and many of them peecial began to lay -- began to lay
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the framework out over the last few years.ct the green jobs act during the bush administration, we talk about this last night. many on capitol hill voted for it because they claimed it was unfunded and meaningless language and a feel good thing and tucked into a 900-page bill during the last administration. heck, it only asked fored $125 million requested by a special interest group. intt aphe apollo alliance. now, that meaningless unfunded green act doesn't have have $125 million but rather $500 million, half a billion. that money now being funneled through the hands of our green jobs czar, van jones. a word that he used "it was smuggled into the stimulus stus bill." fuow, that money is being funneled by ben jones to ni organizations and programs of d his design and choosing.hog, and he sits on the board of the
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apoll lopollo alliance.ut i have told you three mottosi v that i have personally adoptedr first one comes from thomas jefferson and t is question about boldness. second one. hold to the truth. and tonight, let me speak to"ht the third one, speak without oe fear. w this information is not biteinn reported on, not just because the media can't see the whole m picture, they are looking at the one little dot, you stand a away and go it as ferot painting, stop looking at the loot, look at the picture. some agree with the pictu revolutionary agenda but fear also plays a big role.nda, people have much to lose, much to be exposed.ose, mu well, i'm a recoveringd. alcoholic. i have lost everything alreadyi one time in my life.glrea but i learned something. b i amber and stronger for
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i didn't need a bailout to gett back on my feet. i just needed to rediscover my values and my principles. pri i told my audiencnce for years, after i sobered up, i admitted i was a dirtbag, man. i was a dirtbag. i tried my hardest to not be a dirtbag any more. i still make mistakes but youig know what, they can take my jon and my wealth, that is okay because i have been rich and in have been poor but i was onlytr truly miserable when lying to o myself and others. others, and some of the principles that i rediscovered and applied tosd my life are the founding fe a principles of this country. i know that even if the powersv to be right now succeed in r making me poor, drum me out, i'm just a worthless loser,orth which i'm just about that much, above that now, i will only bea stronger for it. i and i will use americannd
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ingenuity and my ingenuity and it will be a thousand timese more powerful. times because of my faith, i know how because of this story ends. the truth shall set you tree. america, you prepare to witness powerful miracles in your night time.ifetime. tonight and for the rest off this week i'm going to offer ur evidence that part of the strategy of this fund mantel t transformation of america is ta silence dissent. tomorrow, i will show you through brute force but let meu show you tonight one of the most diia pollical hidden parts of the plan that when i my finished rye search on it last wrot week, i wrote a friend an e-mail at 1:00 in the morning and i said for the first time a i'm truly frightened on what is coming because they have been e laying these rails for a long time. it involves the new diversity czar at the fcc.
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i don't you don't pay any attention to the fairness doctrine thing that will shuttw down voices like mine on the radio or voices like mine and bill o'reilly on tv.theygoin they will do it through localism and diversity.nal the final piece will be againsn the giant corporations, the broadcast groups like ge. but, of course, ge is fine, they have too much power. is this has been my warning and my theory. a week ago i began to into the fcc diversity czar, lloyd, i want to show you what he saidae in his 2006 book.racy "it should be clear by now that c my focus here is not freedom of re speech or press, this freedom is often too -- is all too often an ex-agarics. at the very least, blind l references to freedom of speecf or the press serve as a distraction from the critical
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examination of other communication policies ." i just have to check that onet down. freedom of speech is a. distraction, localism boards are the real focus.s. those localism boards are beine created now. our diversity czar just osed proposed that radio companies pay 100% of their operatingr budget yearly, if you are ayoua small business person, can you imagine paying 100% tax on your operating budget? 1 how long would you stay in business? that would then be transferredi to the state run radio of npr.d if you can't pay that, that is okay, we understand but you will lose that license and that will be sold to a minority group.up. america, hear me clearly. speak without fear. you carry the biggest stickr. which is the truth. people don't speak out becauset they didn't want to be seen as a holocaust denier, who wantste
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to be called a flat earther. they allowed harmlessmles legislation to pass and now we have a half a billion dollarsd in the hands of a communist revolutionary who describes his job as this. >> actually my job is not so dissimilar than my job was before. what i do, make it simple, i'ml basically a community organizer inside the federal family. >> inside the federal family. how long have i been saying they are build agd frame workar inside of our government and o there it is. now, because no one in their right mind is against mind diversity. people will be afraid.ause peol afraid this time of being called a racist or a bigot or hate monger.anthen you speak without fear because more harmless legislation will be exrien passed and then you will not be able to speak and you willis experience the kind of fear that no one in this country has experienced before.
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all it will take, god help usla you will, all it will take is an event or an emergency. here is seton motley, the director of communications forc the media research sen. i'm going play some video of the czar. we >> not a czar.czarzar sorry. not a czar. i want to play video and help m me out because for the life of me, he can't be saying what i. think sesaying. watch this. r
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i hope that takes your goig breath away. t will beohe man tha implementing the rules that will put people like me out of business and he just said the incredible revolution, what wai it, was almost lost by chavezat because of the corporations. >> the property owners. the property owners revolted against chavez taking over the country and with the help ofe r the american government which,s of course, was bad because then didn't want the communist revolution to fail, the diversities diagnose wanted chw veteran's day to succeed and iz triumphed and new the incredible revolution is underway in venezuela. he was w against the american n government stopping chavez from taking power. tak >> i have to tell you, american this is what frightened me last week. i finished my research with my this and for a week we have been trying to find any other
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way to read it.her we can't. we can't. we would love the ti diversity czar, whatever the hell he is -- >> officer.. >> officer. o to come on to the broadcastff andion plain that. you are more than welcome --aty and explain that. we would love to have you on because i would sure like tolie hear how the incredible revolution with chavez was a c good thing. but then, i learned that the fcc has a new motto or sloganmt or focus and it is diversity, it is competition, which issity against, you know, it is the way they mean competition. >> it is >> yeah. and localism. >> yes. >> these things were put in under the bush administrationet and i realized my gosh, it isiy not about obama. these people have been changing this road and preparing forchnt this moment for a very long log
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time. when you read the new diversitu officer, what is the mostity disturbing thing that you have seen? d what are the things that he says that stick out to you? sa tha >> fell, he is fundamentally opposed to virtually any private ownership of media. he is fundamentally he faults the original communications in his opinion is when president jefferson relinquished control, the post office control of the telegrapp and relinquished control to ahe private entity that was the a original sin of communication because that turned over communications vehicles to thei private sector outside of the r scope of government control. >> okay. america, quite honestly, i fear -- i just -- i just fear f god forbid something happens,sg the frame work is here to seizr control of communication andl
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everything else. these are radicals. els at least the way i read them., you can judge them for t yourself. the we will give you more words ur near a second. s you judge them foryourself. do you want the guy who ison controlling the air waves of this country talking about venezuela and the revolution and our help to thwart venezuela the way he did? is that a guy that should be at advising the president of thesi united states? t you answer that qu estiontates? yourself.yo to me, no. but you answer that question.tu ask yourself another question. where is the press? where is the press on this? pre in a few minutes, i will givet? you more words i'm g and then we have rush limbaughe joining us.imbaugh this is an important hour for freedom of speech. back in a second. speech. speech. back in a second.
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i hope you have a personotf sill and paper.ons an we are asking a lot ofn the questions and you need to follow up on them. not about left or right,m. or republican or democrat. it is not even about presidentn obama as i will show you.en this stuff has been laid durins the bush administration. do you believe in the constitution? the do you believe in freedom of ye speech?eedom do you believe in a free pressa well, here is what our new fccw chief diversity officer said. listen. said. listen.
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the property owners and the important revolution or t what did he callha that? the incredible revolution fromv hugo chavez. i'm beginning to see the wholeo meeting with hugo chavez in a whole different light.ley tell me exactly what his plan is?i >> his plan is to use the neboulous regulation regulatioo shut you up by shutting youup y down.own assault the radio industry to effect an idea logical outcomec
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he wants to charge your dollar for dollar 100% operating costs for the c >> that is insane. that' >> on top of that, if you areoc not meeting his definition ofen media diversity and localism, t he has come up with a media diversity and localism mathematical equation which iso bizarre on its face, first of,e all. beyond that, it is just bizarrn because he goes into thisiz formula where it is fraenummu raters over a denominator.over all the numerators are a multiflied by each other. if you screw up one you get fined. fin that could be any one of the e. four. he has the media diversity working against his localism ai time. if you hire three local reporters but they are all white guys that is a zero and you are zeroed out and you gety fined. all this money is supposed to go -- >> i don't care about. i believe in the words ofut -
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martin luther king.ofheir judge somebody by the content of their character. why are we being dragged back into the 1950s or 1850s where we are looking at skin mo color. >> and he a my ontically focused. >> and we are only talking about race. not talking about diversity oft opinion. t di >> no. >> no, no no,. >> he is working with the wornw diversity committee at the fccd which has 31 groups on it and none of them are conservative. there is no idealogiccal diversity. that was a similar fumble by former republican chairman kevin martin along the lines of the creation of the process off beginning of the creation ofnne the local diversity >> this track has been laid over the last, what, six years. s? >> there abouts,ia. started with chairman >> it has been laid -- give mes one more thing. i only have a few more secondse
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with you. give me one more thing that he is planning or he has said thas people should know about.t he >> he wants to set up eight ao pods around the country of fcc boards and corporationrpor broadcasting boards and wantsin them to regulate political a advertising and commentary, number of commercials the and stations run, and ratings information about programs before they are broadcast. befy so basically he wants to take b over regulation of the entiree operation of raid yo radio andi television stations. >> absolutely unbelievable. america, is this americaam?his is it?meca? ask yourself that question. ask these are reasonable questions in apparently unreasonable times. is this the way we decide howed things happen? do we have the shadow operations with these new w czars or advisors or whateverel
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the hell they want to call theh and ling the shots and ting it with a hidden agenda?ag? doing it slowly, quietly behin, the scenes and then boom thered it is. you are about to lose your abo freedom of speech in this t country. if you disagree with that,isag please contact me and tell meon how. t because i would like to live in that world. i would like to believe that. v but with everything else i have shown you this week, and then you see the clampdown by this somebody who is extolling the virtues of the revolution in venezuela, i -- i don't know how you see that. i could somebody, please, i mean this sincerely, please explain to me how this is an isn anticapitalist revolutionary in nature -- how this isn't -- and anti anticonstitutional? how does this resemble our semble republic and our firstnd
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amendment at all? at please, answer that question. rush limbaugh will be here, next. female announcer: from jennifer, while supplies last, this luxurious microfiber sofa and chair, just $399. our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, $399, from jennifer.
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from america's news headquarters, i'm rick olbau muhammad. senator edward's kennedy's long trip to his resting place ended an hour ago. he was buried at arlington national cemetery nearby his brothers. a funeral mass held in boston this morning. president obama delivered the eulogy. police are searching the home of phillip garito. dugard had two children with him. investigators are looking for evidence that might link he and his wife to unsolved murders of prostitutes. i'm rick folbaum.op of the h now, back to glenn beck, right here on fox news channel. ack
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to glenn beck. this week we are doing aale special series of shows. our theme is fro sm a line i rd a long time ago from thomas jefferson to his nephew where he said question with boldnessr even the existences of god. i don't know how many answers i ous will give you about this week but i will raise many questionw and so far we haven't had --sts and the silence is deafening. e they are tearing me apart, butg none of the facts. fac write what you learn on this y show down. write these questions down ande demand answers. because it is not my america that we are talking about here. 'r it is all of ours, left, right, democrat, republican, all of our freedom of speech is on tho ropes and questioning your government is not only important, it is in a republic, it ishecan he
9:32 pm
required of you. and the i will show you the thugs and army being built under our noses. sh joining me on the phone is l radio talk show host, mr. rush limbaugh. >> i want to play something foh you. i want to play it again. the new diversity officer i fos the fcc. n a newly created position. this is what he said at a speech or talk he was giving about chavez, venezuela and how the media worked down there. watch this. revoluti >> venezuela.on n place saying
9:33 pm
that we're going to work to oust the property owners and the folks who were then controlling the media in venezuela rebelled and another revolution was needed and chavez then started to take it in." >> i find that breathtaking, rush. >> i find the whole administration breathtaking. this whole administration is as radical and far left as any that the country has ever had. what they're trying to do here to communications is simply stifle dissenting voices. they're trying to wipe out any opposing voices. if you look at obama and his track record as a politician, it is to clear the playing field. he doesn't like to debate opponents. he likes to get rid of them. this diversity czar comes from a fringe radical, saul ol lynnski type of background,
9:34 pm
and the things he talking about doing and i watched your show for the first half hour today, and the things he is talking about for talk radio is unamerican. not to say it is not constitutional, it is simply unamerican, and make no bones about it, folks, glenn is right. i think he is underselling it as far as their intentions are concerned. the still stimulus plan. glenn, look at what they're doing to the u.s. economy. anyone with a sense of economic literacy would know this is not how you create jobs. do you not rebuild the private sector. this is being done on purpose! all of these disasters are exactly what obama wants. the more crises, the better, the more opportunity for government to say let us in and fix the problem, and his number one opposition is on radio and fox news, his number one opposition is on radio. they can't go fairness doctrine because it's too obvious, so they're doing this backdoor route with diversity,
9:35 pm
ownership, 100% tax on operating in order to pay public radio, because they're supposedly fair. it's incidious. i don't think it is going to work in the end because the american people are too informed. they're too aware of it. their radio means too much to them. their free speech, freedom in general means way too much to them. just as they're fighting back on healthcare and a number of other things, so will they fight back on this. glenn: rush, tomorrow on this program, i'm going to lay out the case of the army that they are building right underneath our nose, and an army that he spoke about on the campaign trail, and if you watch the what only could be called the organization's -- or the administration's organ, anything involved with g.e. or nbc, you've got now jeffrey immelt on the board of the federal reserve. you have him in the oval office consulting not only on healthcare but the financial situation, and they are an
9:36 pm
organ. if you watch msnbc, i contend that you will see the future, because they are laying the ground for a horrible event that will be -- what they're laying the ground for, anything from the right, there's some awful event, and i fear this government, this administration has so much framework already prepared that they will seize power overnight before anybody even gives it a second thought. >> well, i think because of what you are doing with your television show, your radio show, what wier he a all doing here, i don't think they will be able to seize it overnight without anybody knowing about t you talk about the organized groups that they have got. let's look at the healthcare situation. what's happening right now, the genuine passion, the real passion is in individual americans' hearts and minds, individuals showing up. they may be going to the web to find out where these town halls are, are but they're showing up because individually they don't want
9:37 pm
any part of this. the obama army has to be bought and paid for. the obama army has to be given marching orders. the obama army is not showing up with any passion for obama's issue, which is healthcare. they're showing up because they have been instructed to by bosses. now, this army that you are going to reveal tomorrow is probably going to be much the same way. i'm going to tell you something, glenn, passion, love of country, truth is going to outmaneuver and overpower fake passion, trumped up people who are just given marching orders and sent out to act in a certain way. we may be looking at barack obama destroying the democratic party. it's too soon to say that now, but we may be looking at that happen. there are reasons for optimism, but you are right. it is a dangerous time. it is the most dangerous time in my life for freedom and liberty in this country. glenn: i will tell you, a lot of people would say, that's rush limbaugh, this is
9:38 pm
hyperbole, et cetera, but would you agree with me, rush, that this is not scon he serve tiffs -- conservatives or republicans or independents talking about this because they don't like barack he obama. these are americans. i'm an american. i'm speaking to you as an american. this is bad for anyone unless you're in the power circle. you don't want to go down this road with what they're proposing with the f.c.c. >> no -- well, i don't want to go down the road with anything they're proposing on anything, glenn, but you ask an interesting question. are people going to react to you or me simply because it's hyperbole, it's what these guys do. my first hour yesterday was chronicling how this man is systematically dismantling our ability to gather intelligence to protect ourselves against an at attack. he is purposely using the attorney general to make the united states the villain of the world. i'm going to tell you, folks, from the bottom of my heart, i
9:39 pm
am uncomfortable thinking and saying these things about a man who's been elected president of the united states. it is terribly upsetting and disconcerting and i wish i didn't think it, and i wish i didn't have to say it, but there's no way to sugarcoat it. this is not politics as usual. this is not left versus right. this is not republican versus democrat. this is statism, totalitarianism versus freedom, and if these people are allowed to go where they want to go unchecked, then some people, a lot of people, i don't think half the country, but chose, will wake up one day and find out what the hell happened, because this is not what they voted for. this is not their intention, and they thought they were getting something entirely different. it is a responsibility we all have, being honest and earnest to inform people of what these possibilities are, because they are very real. glenn: more with rush limbaugh, next. what's up, smart?
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>> and the social change in venezuela with is chavez, really an incredible revolution, a democratic revolution, to begin to put in place a new media where the property owners and the folks who were then controlling the
9:43 pm
media in venezuela rebelled, work frankly with folks here in the u.s., too. glenn: america, i want to thank the watchdogs for bringing that video to my attention. you can be a watchdog. just tweet me whenever you see things like this, but i have to ask you an honest effort here. i need you to scour the internet and hook for all the people involved with this government giving speeches and listen to them, and then pull them off and archive them yourself. pull them off on to your own computer, because i think things could get scrubbed quickly. we're back with mr. rush limbaugh, talk radio host. mr. limbaugh, when i see this comment from him, and yesterday we were all on van jones, a self-avowed communist, marxist, revoluntionary, advising the president of the united states. holdren, our science czar, he comes out and he says you don't have a right to, you know, a number of children. if you want to have three children, there's no right in
9:44 pm
the constitution or the declaration of independence if the government says there's only two children. where is the true outrage from anyone in the media? why are these things not grabbing traction at this point? >> well, that doesn't surprise me. the whole con concept of reporting has gone out the window. i call it a state-controlled media. they are just repeaters. they take dictation from rahm emanuel for the most part and simply run with it. it is who they are, too. they think, glenn, at the end of all this, that they're going to be in the elite circle. they think they will be untouched by all. this they think the fairness doctrine attack or attack on radio will leave them alone. my father used to tell me when i was growing up and my brother when he was trying to tell me of the threat posed by soviet communism and told me about the media, these people are frools, don't they understand they will be the
9:45 pm
first people shut up? if that kind of thing happens in this country, it is hero worship. a lot of them come out of the civil rights era. this presidency is symbolical to them. glenn, this is a great point, how is it that people know what is in the healthcare bill? the press didn't tell them. how is it people know some of the administration has? the drive-by media is not telling anybody anything. they are doctors combobulated. i saw chuck todd go ballistic because too many people are doing news now that are not qualified and reflecting people's opinions in the media, and so forth. these people, it's embarrassing. i think they have left their waterloo, and their waterloo is obama. glenn: when i warned on the patriot act, which i was for as long as it had serious sunsets and as many booby traps in that thing as possible. i warned at the time, and i was really conflicted because you don't want to give the
9:46 pm
government this kind of power. the kind of power that this government has right now is staggering. rush, they tried to go after you with timothy mcveigh, and tried to enact all of these things. is it different now? are you at all fearful or do you have any fear that these things will come to pass? >> well, i do, and i take it seriously that they're going to try, but you know, glenn, they have tried a number of things with me over the years. you mentioned mcveigh. they tried to blame me, clinton did, for the oklahoma city bombing, and they have routinely gone after me, but they haven't been able to shake anything away, and the reason is the credibility i have with my audience and the audience continues to grow despite all the new conservative shows on radio and television, and all of us in conservative media have that bond with our audience, and the effort to discredit us is always going to fail.
9:47 pm
it will always fail as long as we remain true to who we are rand don't disappoint our audiences in any way in terms of substance and being serious about what we really believe, so i'm confident that this can be beaten back. if i weren't, you know what, glenn? i'd pack it all in and spend my money before they take it and go enjoy the rest of what my life is going to be. glenn: a big shopping spree! can i come with you? >> plenty of room. glenn: mr. limbaugh, thank you very much. >> it's always a pleasure, glenn. thanks for having me. one of these days i have to do it on camera. i have lost all this weight. glenn: i think he's hitting on me? i'm a sexy, sexy man........sqñ
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glenn: america, i have told you here for the last few weeks and i think we have laid out a pretty good case in the last three days and we will continue to do so tomorrow and thursday, but something doesn't feel right and there is something going on and your freedom is at stake. that is what you feel in your gut. something is not right. i have said before that i think they're building something. i don't know what it is. i have my thoughts, but there are many things that i believe that i shall not say, that i shall never say the things i do not believe. it is a machine of some sort it is an exo skeleton, and if an event happens, they're going to turn this thing on. karl rove, senior advisor to george w. bush, fox news contributor. karl, a lot of people who watch this say, well, it's karl, rove, you know, of course karl rove, the evil emporer. he's going to say these things. let's not talk about politics
9:52 pm
at all. let's just talk about the constitution. do you agree that there is some sort of -- that the republic is being used as a host right now, and some other virus is going in and eating that host and at some point it will be what is remaining? >> well, i do think we face a very real danger of changing what our country is by putting in place policies that centralize power in government and centralize power in government in washington, and that's what i'm really worried about with these czars. these czars are a way to drive policy faster, stronger and more left and harder because of of having extra hidden muscle, if you will. glenn: everybody has had czars, but not czars like this. karl, for the life of me, i mean, look, i know the media is biased, yada, yada, yada, i
9:53 pm
get it, but this is a whole new world, and i for the life of me -- you know, i've been saying for a while, well, maybe i'm wrong. i'm praying i'm wrong. not one correction. nobody is taking the facts of this show on that we have laid out. 3 million people watched us last night. nobody is taking apart the facts. they're taking me apart, so i'm clearly not wrong about the people advising our president. why is that not a problem for anybody it seems but me and the regular schmoes in the world? >> well, this is what is disturbing about this. this president has centralized power inside the white house in a pretty profound way. he is, in essence, running policy and running the government and running elements of our economy out of the white house in a way that no other president has ever been able to achieve. if we in the bush administration had tried to centralize as much authority and power inside the government, we would be eviscerated every day on the editorial pages of "the new
9:54 pm
york times" and "the washington post" and congress would be calling for an investigation. i mean, think about this. we have a car czar. what authority -- by what authority did he fire the board of g.m.? i don't see that as statutory authority anywhere. i mean, where is the green czar? the f.c.c. diversity guy, who is not really a czar, but where do these powers come from? glenn: wait, wait. did you see what we have been playing here, what the diversity officer of the f.c.c. has said about venezuela? >> with all due respect, he is a complete lunatic if he believes that venezuela is the model we ought to be following. does barack obama understand this? i agree with you. why isn't someone standing up in the white house briefing room and saying with all due respect, mouthpiece gibbs, does the president believe that venezuela is the model of what we ought to achieve in american media? glenn: and if not, why is this man the diversity czar? >> right. glenn: should you have a communist, self avowed
9:55 pm
revoluntionary who named his son, four-year-old son after a marxist guerilla leader, should that person be advising the president of the united states? why are they not asking this question? >> well, we have an incredibly mients press corps, and the arrogance that mr. gibbs displays when he is dealing with them shows that they are held in disrespect even by the people they are supposed to be covering. the white house and burton understands that the white house press corps is largely compliant, episodically and rarely does it challenge him, that they can be dismissed, that they can be ignored. members of the press tell me that gibbs does not return phone calls and does not return e-mails. that's what the press secretary is supposed to do, communicate with the press, but he is so comfortable that he is not going to be challenged and that he doesn't have to deal with tough questions that he just ignores them, and look, the press plays a very useful role in our democracy, whether you're republican, democrat,
9:56 pm
conservative or liberal, they're supposed to give you a going over, hope hopefully with attention to facts but they're not doing it now. glenn: karl, thank you very much. i appreciate t their arrogance and all the sub sets of it is either going to be their undoing or they know something undoing or they know something that we don't need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. l laodicean. subaru legacy. laodicean? whoa, i'll take it from here, smart guy. spell buy dot com. buy dot com, can you use it in a sentence?
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glenn: i have been asking questions. i may not have answers but
9:59 pm
power left unchecked can turn ugly rapidly. it doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on. it is vital that he we all question with boldness. hold to the truth and speak without fear. don't rely on rush or bill o'reilly or me, because if the new f.c.c. diversity czar, he gets his way, he's going to level that playing field and it could happen like that. if it sounds ridiculous, then you need to start asking questions and making sure they're answered. why does the f.c.c. have a diversity czar? who is mark lloyd anyway? how does he plan to balance the airways? is he -- how is he going to balance the airwaves? cass sunstein says he wants to balance the internet. will that be next? will broadcasters be allowed to go to satellite or internet without government regulation? is there anyplace that has a mass audience of capability of gathering one where the government won't regulate the free speech? anyplace? why does it seem like e

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